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Last Updated: November 28, 2019

Looks like you have confusion on Where to buy CBD oil online?

I also had the same confusion when I was decided to Buy CBD Oil online. I was uncertain about choosing the best CBD oil online to start my treatment. So I have researched on my own with experts advice to select the best place where I can buy CBD oil with the right quality.

I have come across several questions concerning find out the best CBD oil to buy. It helped me to understand the benefits of CBD oil products in detail. I work hard to help my readers, followers without any struggles. In this site, I have given all the trustable information about CBD oil (Referred from Authority sites) that everyone needs to be known before buy and use it. I hereby provide my best CBD oil list as a buying guide for my readers.

8 Factors that helped me to decide where I can buy CBD oil online in 2019

  1. Taken the list from where can I buy CBD oil online? by searching online via google
  2. Registered and bought CBD oil from around 20 various retailers.
  3. Discussed with their customer support team (every online store).
  4. Compared to their cost and highlights.
  5. Research about their extraction process and origin of hemp seeds, plants.
  6. Checked their mode and delivery time.
  7. Sorted the best CBD oil concerning its quality and price
  8. Then published my list here to help my followers to pick the right one (Based on experiences with each online store).

Affiliate Disclosure –  Some of the Best CBD oil brands reviewed on my site contains affiliate links. This is because that it assists us with covering the costs I spend on investigating, researching on the internet and testing each CBD online store. I genuinely value your support.

Where is CBD oil online sourced from?

Source of CBD oilCBD oil is significantly sourced from the approved farms in the states of Colorado, Kentucky, Florida, Michigan and so many other states where growing Cannabis plant is legal from the United States by reputed and Leading sources.

Farmers in the approved states are the main makers of a wide range of CBD oil. From them, many brands and business partners source their products. They have been serving people with great quality. Few brands themselves cultivate the cannabis plant and undergone processing, cultivation and manufacturing several types of CBD oil.

If the source is well and good, then you will get the best CBD oil in the market.

 CBD oil – Important Information

CBD oil is ought to be brought under a remedy. As it is advised to research properly before buying any brand of CBD oil from online. Because the FDA restricts the seller is claiming the health benefits to promote their products. So you will not get complete guidelines for taking CBD oil from the place where you are going to purchase from. (Source: FDA CBD oil products for Medication Guide). Before you process to check whether it is legal to buy CBD oil online from your state.

A Lot of Choices 

Before buying CBD oil from online sites, you should remember that there are various forms of CBD oil available in the market,

  • CBD Hemp Oil
  • Full Spectrum CBD Oil
  • CBD Tinctures
  • CBD Isolate
  • CBD Vape-Oil
  • CBD Capsules
  • CBD Topicals
  • CBD Gummies

All of these have the same action mechanism but their chemical compound differs. The efficacy of CBD oil is used in the treatment of pain, anxiety and other medical condition symptoms. Only a trustable online CBD store will offer you the real and authentic CBD oil derived from organic hemp plants. All these forms of CBD oil work best and have the same effect on the individual who takes it.

Dr. Ethan Russo explains about CBD and its entourage effect and the microbiome and he is the medical cannabis experts suggest that the healing properties of CBD differ with each individual’s taking method and their body. Although they have a similar active component yet will contrast in their respective compound equations.

You can see him talking about CBD oil while interviewing at project CBD.

Where to Buy CBD oil in 2019?

You might be wondering which is the best place to buy CBD oil online in 2019. Well, I can help you with my reviews. I have reviews the top companies that sells the best quality CBD oil. I know this is a tough task. Because in 2019, a large number of CBD oil online stores operating in the market. But few sources don’t have enough stock of CBD (Hemp) Oil.  At the same time, tricksters have additionally sold contaminated cannabis oil that can affect your health as opposed to helping it. So certainly it is extremely a difficult process to pick the right CBD oil stores online.

To help you with that problem,

I have evaluated a considerable number of places to find out the best CBD oil to buy. I took a lot of time to research on safe shopping of CBD oil. After that, I have chosen 20 online sites to analyze their products by ordering CBD oil from all those vendors. With respect to my experience, I list down the 5 best CBD oil companies where you can buy high-quality CBD oil from, which have all kind of facilities like

  • Cost: Product Price, delivery charges, coupon discounts, Reference rewards, offers accessible, and cash refunds.
  • Item Quality: Passed different clinical tests.
  • Customer Support: Response Time, 24*7 support system, Live Chat, Email, and Toll-Free numbers
  • Transaction methods: Credit and Debit card, Master or Visa, Bitcoin, E-check and so forth.
  • Shipping Charges: Express shipping, Fast shipping, Overnight Shipping, Regular Delivery
  • Security: Encryption and Safe.
  • User Review: Positive Reviews, Maximum Thumbs Up
  • Transparency: About their source of CBD oil, Payment methods and price, quality and ingredient
  • Accessibility: Fast Checkout within 5 minutes to shop, Fewer steps to finish order, Hassle-free purchase.

Reasonable note: I’m not making any guarantees here. The suppositions communicated on the post are of my own and of individuals whom I’ve addressed, and the experience shared by them while using CBD oil for sale from online stores.

Top 5 best CBD oil companies are listed down,


CBD oil reviews to find the Best Place to buy CBD oil

Here are my reviews for the Best CBD oil for sale companies with all the information…


Ver Naturals

  • Exceptional quality
  • Great Customer Service
  • 100% organic and Pure
  • Gluten-free CBD Oil products

This popular CBD oil vendor is highly respected and professional in the online CBD market. Though they have entered this service in 2018, their research with CBD oil and other products goes back to many years. So Versnaturals is one of the top CBD oil sellers.

Their impressive 100% organic and pure CBD oil comes with the tag –Non-GMP products, which stabilizes customer safety and security.

They provide high-quality CBD oil products that start from 38$. It also provides CBD oil for pets in different dosage strengths. What is something very good about this vendor is that they test their products in third-party labs to make sure it is free of pesticides and other unwanted substances.

They are very much particular about the THC levels in their CBD oil to make sure it is sold legally in the States. They source their products from farms that have been licensed in Colorado, USA.

With many payment methods available at their site, they ship their products to all States in the US and also to other countries worldwide.

They are known for their fast and guaranteed shipping, which usually takes 2 to 3 working days. As far as the offers are concerned, provides free shipping for all orders placed with them. Hence, the delivery is usually free with this vendor.

As far as personal experience is concerned, this vendor has a strong background and they have built this wonderful company in a very short period of time.

With some amazing customer support staff and affordable pricing, they are here to stay for a long time. Their CBD oil is definitely distinct and is worth trying.

The return policy if customers aren’t satisfied is an added advantage to the likeable features they already have in place. In short, they promise 100% natural products just like their company’s name.

My Score For Vers Naturals

Product Quality 97%
Price 95%
Shop Features 96%
Customer Support 96%
User Reviews 98%

Visit Official Site



  • High-quality CBD Oil
  • Fast shipping
  • Secure money transaction
  • 100% organic CBD Oil

This is one of the most legitimate CBD oil vendors in the market. They entered into this market in 2018 but their brand name is well known to most of the peoples across the world.

Their CBD oil products are sourced from reliable places and lab tested before selling it online.

They joined with the third party lab testers in the USA to test all of their products. They are more aware of maintaining the THC level in CBD oil which would consider being safe and secure for customers.

The price of the CBD oil starts at $20. The different dosages of CBD oil are available at this place. The highlight of this online vendor is that they are more conscious of the customer’s well-being.

Different type of payment options is available at this place so everyone can utilize based on their convenience.

They follow all rules and regulations to deliver their products to all regions and states in the USA and also they ship to all countries across the world. Still, there are no issues in their delivery service.

All ordered packages are delivered on time without any delay as this information can see it on their website’s review section. They are very well known for their guaranteed delivery. The product will be delivered within 3 business days.

Apart from my experience with this online vendor, they have built an amazing organization within a short time.

Customer support service is too good compared to other places. Easy to contact this seller via email. I am sure that this vendor will stay for a long time in an online market.

Their return policy is favorable to customers. They assured that everyone will get 100% pure natural CBD oil

My Score For Assure CBD

Product Quality 92%
Price 91%
Shop Features 92%
Customer Support 96%
User Reviews 94%

Visit Official Site



If you are just a beginner and you are looking to buy CBD oil online, then it is important that you do proper research on the same. To help you with the process, I have addressed a review of the best CBD oil vendor online based on several factors and my personal experience. The selection of for this purpose comes after proper research and background check, which has enabled me to weigh the positives and negatives in order to arrive at a better vendor who could be reliable and trustworthy. Before we get into the review of that particular vendor directly, let us address certain questions that concern people when they set out to buy CBD oil online. Certain information is necessary for the consumer to know before they plan to make a purchase. This review is going to act as a guide for all readers and help them a long way making their purchase process all the more smooth.

5 main steps to be followed

  • A specially curated list was created based on my search on Google.
  • Built a conversation with the customer support team of more than 20 CBD oil vendors.
  • Extended my research into their source, extraction techniques and other processes.
  • A check up on their shipping provisions and estimated delivery time.
  • Compared the cost, quality and other highlights.

Source of CBD oil online

It is very important to first understand where your CBD oil is sourced from in the first place. CBD oil is generally sourced from two plants from the same family. Yes, the cannabis plant gives arise to two types of plants called the marijuana and the hemp from which the oil is extracted. Only medical marijuana is approved in some states of the US, while most of the States have given their nod to the hemp-derived CBD oil. Hence, the vendor who source their CBD oil from well harvested hemp plants can produce the best CBD oil in the market. is one such top vendor in the CBD oil industry and they source their oil from rich varieties of the hemp plant grown only in US. To know more about this vendor, please go through the review below in order to ascertain the fact why it is the best place to buy your CBD oil online. – Review

If you are searching for some distinct check points that make this vendor the best in the market and why you should buy your oil from them, here you go.

  • Exceptional high quality CBD oil
  • Excellent customer care
  • Free of pesticides, herbicides and other chemicals
  • 100% organic
  • Non GMO
  • Zero THC
  • Fast shipping processes
  • Reasonable prices
  • Hassle-free shopping experience

This vendor has become very popular in the market in a short period of time due to the high quality CBD oil products that they offer to their customers. It is indeed an incredible feat that they have carved a place for themselves so soon in the market. However, their association with the CBD oil products go about a long way back and hence they are committed to produce 100% organic and pure CBD oil that it completely safe with zero THC.

The price of all their products start at a reasonable value and they provide a wide array of products in the form of CBD oil, Tincture oil, capsules, gummies, Topicals and much more. One thing in particular that is committed about is the THC levels and hence, they make sure that they bring in Zero THC CBD oil products to their customers.

Third Party Lab Tests

This vendor is very much transparent to the customers, which is why they post their third party lab tests for the people to see and evaluate. They conduct third party lab tests very regularly to make sure that their CBD oil products are free of herbicide, pesticide and other chemicals. It is not just with the third party lab tests but they also keep their extraction techniques as safe as possible to ensure the quality of their products.

Payment and Shipping

This vendor provides many payment methods to their customers and they ship their CBD oil products to all the US states. They also provide normal shipping which is free of cost and a express delivery provision for their customers, where the latter option facilitates the delivery of the products in one or two days at an extra cost. Like every other top site, they provide enough tracking information to get to know about your delivery process and the delivery is not delayed.

Customer Service

The amazing customer service at makes it a even more memorable experience for the customers. The support staff attend to your queries at any given point of time without much fuss. They also guide you through the process of purchase and on how to use their products efficiently for improved results.

Returns and Refunds

One great advantage with this vendor is that you can very well return their products if it has been damaged at the time of receiving it. Also, you can request a return of the products if you aren’t satisfied with the quality. In most cases, if the product is not very much damaged, they would evaluate if it meets all their policy requirements for returns and then refund the entire amount within a week or so.

Personal Experience

Coming to my personal experience, this vendor has done a great job in a short time, where they have built a reputation for themselves that keep them stand tall and proud. With amazing features that is very much favorable for the customers, your search ends right here if you wish to buy your CBD oil from the best place. With that being said, visit the website right away to know more about the vendor and the offers and discounts they provide on a normal basis.

My Score for CBD Oil Fast Delivery

Product Quality 91%
Price 90%
Shop Features 94%
Customer Support 92%
User Reviews 89%

Visit Official Site



  • User-friendly
  • Pure CBD Oil
  • Wide range of products
  • Free Shipping

A CBD oil Vendor Company based in the US has a very attractive tagline on their site which reads live healthy. The site is definitely user-friendly and strikes a positive impression even on the first time.

You do not only find CBD oil products here but an array of products that are sure to surprise you. Some of their top products include capsules, topical, gummies and much more.

Apart from this list, they also provide CBD accessories and edibles to their customers.

This vendor definitely doesn’t run out of ideas and comes up with a wide range of products that are amazing. The CBD oils come up with different flavors as in Vanilla, Mint and much more.

The prices start at 54$ and they go up to 390$ based on the dosage strength.

Every product of theirs is sourced from organic farms grown using non-GMO techniques. The CBD oil here is simple, pure and potent as they say.

Free shipping to all USA states is one of their highlights. Their blogs provide complete information on CBD oil usage and consumption.

Having purchased at this store, I definitely feel they are a notch above others due to the commitment they show towards customer safety.

They are open to admitting their mistakes if any and that attitude is something that has impressed me completely.

Also, I feel the prices are a bit costly when compared to other vendors but the range of products and the flavors they provide are worth going after.

With good customer service and occasional offers and discounts, this vendor is definitely a treat to the advanced CBD oil users out there.

My Score For Purekana

Product Quality 95%
Price 93%
Shop Features 94%
Customer Support 93%
User Reviews 95%

Visit Official Site



  • Affordable Prices
  • No prescription
  • US Hemp Authority Certified
  • Natural Farming Practices

Having been started in the year 2016, this vendor has definitely come a long way carving a niche for them in the CBD market. CBD distillery was started with an intention to provide high-quality CBD oil and CBD related products at reasonable prices to the customers.

And they have been keeping up their promise very well since the beginning. The prices are placed between 20$ and 240$ based on the different dosages for the CBD oil tincture.

This store has an amazing line of products with accessories, merchandise and even variety packs for their customers. The CBD oils, CBD Creams, CBD Capsules, and the CBD isolates are a big hit with the public.

These are some of the products that are mostly in huge demand at this store. They are one of the stores offering CBD oil at a cheaper price than other online stores. They have even slashed their prices now for each product, which happens every now and then to the delight of the customers.

The highlight of CBD distillery is they have separate pages for wholesale and retail purchases. This privilege makes it easy for customers to place their orders. They even have a review page that seems to be genuine and the positive word keeps flowing into their site every now and then.

Also, a 5% off during checkout is in store for first-time buyers. And wait!! CBD distillery offers CBD oil products without a prescription. Isn’t that cool? But you might ask if it is legal and they can be trusted. It has two sides to it.

They assure that their products have been lab tested and harvested using natural farming methods. But at the same time, no prescription CBD oil can be a bit risky too from the customer’s point of view. You will have to trust the vendor and then you know there is no turning back.

CBD distillery

Product Quality 94%
Price 91%
Shop Features 93%
Customer Support 91%
User Reviews 92%

Visit Official Site

All the above CBD oil vendors have been in the industry for many years and serving the great relationship with the customer. You can verify their quality of services from real user experiences and reviews on their site. Out of many customers reviews, I found out that these 5 are the best and topmost cannabis oil compaies over the internet.

The Final Thoughts

After reading my top CBD oil reviews, you can able to find out the best CBD oil sellers to buy. From the explanation given above, you might have got a clear idea of choosing the right company to buy CBD oil online. I hope I have given the solution to your confusion. I will also update my list of the best place to buy CBD oil.

Always you can consider my reviews and the way I review the products to decide on your own. You can trust me to provide genuine CBD oil reviews. I always recommend the best CBD oils online as per my experiences.

However, if you come across any other trusted place while purchasing, suggest to me I will review it after testing their products and services. Share this article if you like it and think it will be helpful.

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The information for the above-reviewed sites will be updated according to our analysis and results that we get it from those websites. These might change as per your thoughts. Before purchasing products from their site, I suggest my readers check their current features. Anyway, I will keep updating the information of those vendors regularly. And at the same time, this website doesn’t hold any responsibilities if any information does not match with the above-given sites. Read our medical disclaimer to know more.

None of the information about CBD oil made in this site has been approved by the FDA.