Best Websites To Buy CBD oil – 2019’S Top 5 Trusted Vendors – Updated


Last Updated: January 03, 2019

Looks like you are uncertain about where to buy CBD oil online.

To Begin My Treatment for Pain, I was uncertain to Buy CBD Oil Online. But I need to get CBD(Cannabis) oil Online as I gotta start my treatment as soon as possible. So I have given all my efforts to pick the best CBD online shop throughout the world.

I have come upon several questions with respect to the product, my objective is to guide my readers without any difficulty as far as I can. Here I have incorporated all the important information about CBD oil (sourced from different genuine sites and CBD oil company) which each individual should know prior to begin purchase and consume it.

Here is where I put my work into action to find the best site to buy CBD oil in 2019:

  1. Registered and purchased CBD oil from around 20 various online shops.
  2. Had a conversation with most of their customer support team (each and every online Vendor).
  3. Studied their cost and highlights.
  4. Screened their mode and speed of their conveyance time.
  5. Written and Published Reviews (researching on user reviews of each online stores)

Affiliate Disclosure: Some of the online CBD brands reviewed on my site contains affiliate links. This is on the grounds that it assists us with covering the costs we spend on investigating, researching on the internet and testing each online stores. I genuinely value your support.

Where is CBD oil online sourced from?

CBD oil sourced fromCBD oil is significantly sourced from the approved farms in the states of Colorado, Kentucky, Florida, Michigan and so many other states where growing Cannabis plant is legal from the United States by reputed and Leading sources.

Farmers in the approved states are the main makers of a wide range of CBD oil they likewise re-appropriate different products crosswise over various nations. From them, many brands and business partners source their products. Few brands themselves cultivate the cannabis plant and undergone processing, cultivation and manufacturing several types of CBD oil and they have been serving the general population with great quality.

CBD oil – Important Information

CBD oil is ought to be brought under a remedy. As it is advised to research properly before buying any brand of CBD oil from online. Because FDA restricts the seller in claiming the health benefits to promote their products. So You will not get complete guidelines for taking CBD oil from the place where you are going to purchase from. (Source: FDA CBD oil products for Medication Guide)

A Lot of Choices

Before buying CBD oil from online vendors, you should remember that there are various types of CBD oil is accessible in the market,

  • CBD Hemp Oil
  • CBD Tinctures
  • CBD Isolate
  • CBD Vape-Oil
  • CBD Capsules

Eileen Konieczny, the medical cannabis experts suggest that the healing properties of cbd differ with each individuals taking a method and their body. Although they have a similar active component yet will contrast in their respective compound equation. Just a few CBD brands online will offer you the genuine and pure Organic CBD oil. CBD works best and has a similar impact on the patients.

Which is the Best Place to Buy CBD oil in 2019?

In 2019, a large number of CBD oil online stores operated in the online market. But with few vendors don’t have enough stock of CBD (Hemp) Oil. At the same time, tricksters have additionally sold contaminated cannabis oil which can affect your health as opposed to helping it. So certainly it is extremely a difficult process to pick the right vendor.

To help you with that problem,

I have evaluated a considerable number of online vendors who sell CBD oil. From them, I have chosen 20 and more brands and I have ordered CBD oil from all those vendors. With respect to my experience, I suggested 5 best CBD oil online vendors, which have all kind of facilities like

  • Cost: Product Price, delivery charges, coupon discounts, Reference rewards, offers accessible, and cash refunds.<
  • Item Quality: Passed different clinical tests.
  • Customer Support: Response Time, 24*7 support system, Live Chat, Email, and Toll-Free numbers
  • Transaction methods: Credit and Debit card, Master or Visa, Bitcoin, E-check and so forth.
  • Shipping Charges: Express shipping, Fast shipping, Overnight Shipping, Regular Delivery
  • Security: Encryption and Safe.
  • User Review: Positive Reviews, Maximum Thumbs Up
  • Transparency: About their source of CBD oil, Payment methods and price, quality and ingredient
  • Accessibility: Fast Checkout within 5 minutes to shop, Fewer steps to finish order, Hassle-free purchase.

Reasonable note: I’m not making any guarantees here. The suppositions communicated on the post is of my own and of individuals whom I’ve addressed, and the experience shared by them while using the online CBD oil stores.

Best 5 best CBD Oil online vendors are listed beneath,

  1. Vers Naturals

Here is the list and explanation of Best CBD Oil online vendors in 2019 with all the information.

1. Vers Naturals

versnaturals banner

Personal Experience with the best online vendor

Vers Naturals is a High Graded Pure CBD oil Company and it has been gaining a good reputation in recent times in delivering the best CBD oil to the customers.

They are also framed to help the lives of individuals both more beneficial and more joyful.

They are particularly energetic about it and they are planned to do this by advancing the employment of medicinal cannabis oil to a huge audience.

Bringing most noteworthy review unadulterated cannabis oil to the market is the responsibility they have given to their customers who are ordering cannabis from them. You would get Pure full spectrum CBD oil which is 100% organic when you do purchase from them.

When you order from them, you would also get additional benefits like discounts and Offers using the coupon code.

That is simply the motivation behind why they call Vers ‘Naturals‘. In addition, to guarantee that they give a just ideal measure of CBD oil in each jug to their clients, the containers of CBD oil accessible on the site has been completely tried while the dimension of THC is less than 0.3%. This testing is done through the assistance of outsider analyzers.

As they are US based CBD oil company, they are extending their services in all the states of the United State and overseas.

Product Features

  • They Offer only Pure Full spectrum CBD oil
  • Available dosages are 240 Mg, 725 Mg, 1450Mg, 2425Mg, 4850Mg and all these products have 50mg/ml of CBD oil

Price Range

  • They Cost genuine price for their CBD oil. It is not that costly and that cheap to buy.
  •  Full Spectrum CBD oil (2425mg) $239.00 – $1,053.60

Unique Features

  • 24/7 Customer support (Email queries).
  • Two days fast shipping option is available.
  • Hassle free to place CBD oil order.
  • At present 50% offers for first-time buyers.
  • Providing Complete Organic (Full Spectrum) CBD Oil.
  • Made in Colorado, USA.

Payment Gateway

Debit and Credit cards are accepted and they have E-check methods.

Shipping options

Shipped to almost 50 states of the United States and 30 more nations where selling CBD oil is legal.


Contact Us page

  • Mail at:

Customer Service Provider

Out of every one of the four CBD oil Vendors, they give the best administration on requesting CBD oil and have the best customer support team with their instant responses.

My Feedback

My involvement with this CBD oil Vendor was extremely great. I was quite energized when requesting from the store in any case. Vers Naturals extremely made my shopping knowledge a vital one.

Other User reviews

  • One of the unwavering consumers of this Online CBD oil vendor is 29 years of age Stella from Peoria says that CBD oil from Vers Naturals has had some incredible outcomes on her well-being particularly her chronic pain.
  • Henry living in Colorado recently had a good experience with this online CBD oil vendor. But not only he praises the highlights of his experience, but he did also mention that what bothers him much with this vendor is that they don’t have an overnight delivery option. As he loved their product very much but getting it after two days of order seems to be a little delay

My Score For Vers Naturals

Product Quality 97%
Price 95%
Shop Features 96%
Customer Support 96%
User Reviews 98%

Visit Official Site


cwhemp banner

Personal Experience with the Online Vendor may be the best decision If you are searching for CBD capsules, isolates, oil, creams infused with CBD. This vendor has a several unique sales point which makes every individual make the shop with them conveniently.  They sell well qualified CBD products under their brand name called Charlotte’s Web.

Product Features

  • CBD capsules
  • CBD isolates
  • CBD infused cream
  • CBD oil

They offer products in three forms as Full strength, Extra strength, and original strength.

Price Range

  • Full strength CBD oil 6.65Mg CBD/ml is around $39.99 to $99.99
  • Full strength CBD oil 16.65Mg CBD/ml is around $74.99 to $188.99
  • Full strength CBD oil 50Mg CBD/ml is around $149.99 – $274.99
  • Full strength CBD capsule 8Mg $34.99 – $59.99

(These are the complete product details, you can visit their website to know the entire product list)

Unique Feature

  • Free shipping on all the order that you make over $74.99.
  • Reward points – For every 100 points you earn $5 as credit.
  • Various CBD Products at one place.
  • Live Chat Support.

Payment gateway

Debit and Credit cards, Visa is accepted and also Bitcoins

Shipping information

  • Shipping days – 7 business days
  • They also offer 2nd-day shipping services


Shipping related queries – 855-790-8169

Customer Service Provider

After you’re done with placing your order you can contact the company by connecting through the call, however, it is a speedy reaction one.

My Feedback

I experimented with for several months for CBD purchase. I felt great about the administration and I found it very easy to place an order as I trust them.

Others Views

  • Paul, who is 25yrs old from Colorado says CBD oil extremely transformed him and has profited him to defeat his Chronic pain battle.
  • Jessica from Ontario says she had great shopping experience and with their products, she was able to overcome her arthritis.


Product Quality 95%
Price 93%
Shop Features 94%
Customer Support 93%
User Reviews 95%

Visit Official Site


highlandpharms banner

Personal Experience with the Online website:

Highland pharma is one of the reputed online stores that serve people with various types of CBD products. Till today, they are serving to all the 50 states of the United States. They have also given several resources to help the visitors to buy from them.

Products feature

  • CBD CAPSULES </span
  • CBD Cream – Lotion
  • CBD Drops – Tincture
  • CBD Extract
  • CBD Gummies
  • CBD Hemp Oil
  • CBD Oil Reviews
  • CBD Vape-Oil
  • FX CBD Vape-Oil with Terpenes
  • Good country Pharms CBD Vape-Oil
  • CBD Wax and More
  • Super-food
  • Terpenes
  • THC Free CBD

Price Range

Highland Pharms Vape oil plus Hemp: 165 mg – $40

Unique Feature 

  • Free shipping for all the orders.
  • Free shipping to all the states of the United States.
  • They are allowing reshipment too.
  • Samples at no cost.

Payment Gateway

Debit and credit cards, visa, bitcoins.

Shipping information

They haven’t mentioned anything about shipping time on their website. But when I ordered I received my packages after 8 days.


Phone: 866-242-6277

Mail ID:

Customer Service Provider

They don’t have an immediate contact number. On the other side that you rise an inquiry using a mail they will get in touch with you inside a couple of minutes.

My Feedback

It is another site I found great about their product quality. There was a time I were ordering many products from this store as I was really happy about their services as well.

Others Views

  • Shaun W, a carpenter he says, it is a great stuff and his daily aches and pain were diminished after using their products, and he believes it is the natural way to get relieved from pain and anxiety.
  • Michael N, a retired utility worker said it is an impressive product and his knee and back pain was solved with this product.

High Land Pharms

Product Quality 94%
Price 91%
Shop Features 93%
Customer Support 91%
User Reviews 92%

Visit Official Site


hempworxofficialsite banner

Personal Experience with the Online website:

HempWorx is the world’s purest CBD oils company and global shipper. They are shipping CBD products to the US, UK and Europe majorly. They also offer a wholesale option to get the products in bulk if you need. Through them, you can even join the CBD oil industry to get important updates around the market.

Product Features

  • CBD oil 500
  • CBD oil 700
  • Hemp – Infused coffee
  • CBD coffee creamer
  • CBD oil for pet
  • CBD relief cream

Product cost

$69 for all products

Unique features

  • Affordable cost
  • Global Shipping
  • A lot of positive results

Payment Gateway

  • Credit and Debit card,
  • E-check
  • Amazon
  • Bitcoin

Delivery Details

  • USPS, UPS, US Postal services
  • $69 USD + Shipping (750 mg + $20 USD)
  • Offers timely delivery to the US, UK, and Europe


Customer Service Provider

I’m not fulfilled that much with their customer support, other than that everything is great. To get in touch with them specifically put in a request simply push a mail. They will react inside 30 – 60 minutes.

My Feedback

HempWroz is s a generally known brand for CBD all over America since they are in the business for over 5 years now. I was fairly satisfied with the aftereffects of my purchase in this store and generally speaking it was good when it comes to delivery when compared to other sites.

Others Views

Hamesh from Phoenix expounds on the battles that he had on ADHD for quite a while. CBD oil has been a friend in need for him ideal from his adolescence and hempwrox is his new most loved online store nowadays.

High Land Pharms

Product Quality 91%
Price 90%
Shop Features 94%
Customer Support 92%
User Reviews 89%

Visit Official Site


nuleafnaturals banner

Personal Experience with the Online website

I figured this online CBD vendor recently yet they have been serving in the industry over several days. They are second oil company who offers only Full spectrum CBD oil product. They outsource their products from farms of Colorado to supply to their customers

Product Features

Only Full spectrum CBD oil available

Price Range

  • 240 Mg full spectrum – $ 38.50
  • 725Mg full spectrum – $99.00 – $434.00
  • 4850 Full spectrum – $439.00 – $1953.40
  • Not all the product has been listed here

Special features

  • The wholesale option is available.
  • Can get their product in nearby local stores.
  • 30 days Return facility.
  • 5 to 10 business days for the refund.

Payment Gateway

  • Master cards
  • Visa
  • Bitcoins
  • Check

Shipping information

USPS priority mail for 2 to 3 business days


Customer Service Provider:

To contact the company, send a mail once you have placed your order. They will respond within 30 – 1 hour.

My Feedback:

I have used their product for my neck pain. I personally experienced a positive result. Their service and package were also good.

Others Views:

John from New Jersey has been a happy customer few of years now. He said that the medication has been signed a great use for him to overcome his back pain.

Nuleaf Naturals

Product Quality 89%
Price 90%
Shop Features 93%
Customer Support 93%
User Reviews 91%

Visit Official Site

All the above CBD oil vendors have been in the industry for many years and serving the great relationship with the customer. You can verify their quality of services from real user experiences and reviews on their site. Out of many customers reviews, I found these 5 are the best and topmost selling CBD oil vendors over the internet.

The Final Thoughts

I hope you might end up having the right idea of buying CBD oil online. However, if you come across any other trusted vendor while purchasing, suggest me I will review it after testing their products and services. Share this article if you like it and think it will be helpful.

Julie Ryan – Pain Blogger


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The information given for the reviewed vendors had updated according to our analysis and results that we got it from those websites. These might change as per your their thoughts. Before purchasing products from their site, I suggest my readers check their current features. Anyway, I will keep updating the information of those vendors regularly. At the same time, this website doesn’t hold any responsibilities if any information does not match with the above-given sites.