About Me

Julie-aboutI am Julie Ryan, I have been a blogger since 2010 and I am the author of this website. For years I have been on the couch hardly able to get up. I was suffering from fatigue, pain, and brain fog. However, it was 2012 when I decided that this can’t go on forever and I must do something to change. The fond of online technology helped me to share my story with people through blogging. I have written many blogs and this one is all about CBD oil. You might be wondering why I have created only for CBD oil why not for the remaining methods I tried to get over my conditions. Well, Read on to know that.

“ I noticed many people worried about their pain so much. But I thought it was just me. And being myself with pain and fatigue didn’t feel bad.” I just need to shape my health to get the better person from me. The only reason is that affects my career. So I figured out which is good for me and tried it then saw the positive results.

While I was doing this, I started to present myself on YouTube. I always speak a lot about pain management difficulties more than remedies and medication. So I have decided to start my CBD oil website ( buycbdforhealth.com) where I can tell my viewers about the wonders of getting CBD oil and CBD oil itself.


I have also found the Cannabis industry experts Eileen Konieczny who are authorized to give health advice using cannabis. By working with her I have gained a lot of knowledge on the health benefits of CBD oil. You can check her out here.

She is a medical cannabis expert and the USA Navy Veteran learning and writing about health benefits of Cannabis for the past few years. She is the member of National Nurses in Business Association. She has several years of experience as an oncology nurse and she had learned and experimented with medical cannabis. She first started the journey in spreading the awareness about Cannabis due to the fact that there are a lot of fraudulent people giving misconception ideas over using Cannabis. To fill this up, she has joined NNBA, to educate the people. Besides she also works as a medical advisor for top cannabis rulers in the industry.

That is why I was very excited to join with her journey. The moment I decided that I wanted things to change I was ready to try anything if it could make better. Among the first things, I changed was the diet I followed. Also, I gave CBD oil a try and it has helped me.

However, the main problem was not pain, fatigue and trying CBD oil. My main problem was finding an online vendor who can give high-grade CBD oil. Initially, I did not bother to do much research and ordered on the first site I saw. This proved to be a mistake and a costly one. I got a product that had very little CBD oil in it and it did not serve any purpose. The worst part is that I spent a lot of money buying that product. After that, I decided to do some research and thanks to the research I was able to locate sites that sell genuine CBD oil.

The purpose of starting this website is to give reviews on the best sites to order CBD oil online so that you can distinguish a real and fake online vendor as I did. In this site, I have given reviews of few best and trustable online stores and all the list is my favorite online vendors where I made CBD oil purchase frequently before. I am giving you the heads-up for upcoming list whenever I think any other sites may be a genuine one.

For people who are dealing with pain, I have only these words to say. “Remember the pain you are feeling can have a crippling effect on your life, but that does not mean you should sit there and let it. With a strong will and the right help, you can take control of your life. In short, you can have a full and happy life.”

[Note: You must understand that I am not a doctor and all the things mentioned on my site are based on my experience. In short, you should consult a qualified physician before you follow any of these suggestions.]