Affiliate Disclosure

FTC Disclosure Compliance Rules

In 2015 the Federal Trade Commission had released certain rules concerning the disclosure. There are rules that insist the reader should be made aware whenever a publisher or blogger has been sponsored or at the least has collaborated with either a third party or a different company. It also states the readers must be made aware of whether the publisher or blogger is getting paid for sharing either a link or a product.

I am happy that you have understood that the any or all the links found on our site are affiliate links. Thanks to these links I am receiving some compensation whenever items or products are sold. The amount that I am receiving is very small.

Affiliate Links

I am in affiliate relationships with some of the online CBD Vendors that have been mentioned on my site. Majority of the links that you find on my site are affiliate contextual marketing links. By placing these links on my site, I am doing the role of sales associates. So, whenever you click on these links and make a purchase any CBD products in any quantity, the site will pay me a small compensation. Even though I do the work of an affiliate site I am affiliate only with quality online CBD Vendors that provide high-quality products. In short, I have kept the health of the user in my mind all the time and will affiliate with products that can guarantee it.

Review of products

Our site provides product reviews that are straight and unbiased. These reviews are in majority cases based on the experience of the people who actually used the product plus my personal experience with the listed products.

All the information mentioned on this website is related to the health of the individual who is going to use the product. That is why I have properly checked the product and ensure that it is safe before I publish the review. Since I actually use the product, I am in a position to write a review entirely by my own. However, you must note that I am providing the reviews about products only after ensuring that the product does not harm the user. In order to gather information about the product, I also talk to people who have actually bought the product and used it. I do this to understand what the product is like as well as see it from the eyes of the user. The reason I have used this method is that I do not believe in using free samples.

My interaction with people who have actually used the products allows me to get an idea of the effects of these products in real time. I do not form affiliate relationships with companies that do accept this term. This is because I have a strong belief that the quality of the product tells more of the company than the documents provided by them.

Note: If you are a company owner and you too have a good product like my list then you can also contact me to publish your review. But kindly note that I only publish the quality product reviews only.