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Are Cannabis beer and wine stays on the market?

Are Cannabis Beer And Wine Stays On The Market?2019 has been a good year for CBD oil, however, there seems to be a new grey area. This grey area is the combination of both alcohol and CBD oil. Even though more states have decided to legalize the use of CBD oil, the common area between wine and CBD oil is still greyish.

This is because there has a report that the amount of wine or alcohol consumed has reduced and many people have pinned it on the growing popularity of CBD oil. However, one of Peak Health Center founders, Dr. Bomi Joseph is highly hesitant about this. He feels that there has been a general decrease in the amount of alcohol consumed and this is true among people who are not interested in CBD oil.

The Eagerness of beverage companies

There are many beverage companies that wish to combine alcohol with THC and CBD. Many of these companies have already started selling CBD oil infused drinks. But these drinks have been non-alcoholic. Saka Wines is a company that is selling CBD oil infused non-alcoholic wine. The product is offered in California. However, the company tends to focus on female customers thanks to its female co-founders as well as its board of advisors.

The Opinion of people about mixing CBD oil and alcohol

Lawyers who advise companies in the alcohol industry have advised them not to mix them. This is because even in California where recreational marijuana is legal there is a law that prohibits the mixing of both in public joints. Also, Michigan has passed a law that makes it illegal for anyone to use, possess or sell wine, liquor, beer or any mixed drinks if it is infused with CBD. This is because the science behind the mixing of CBD oil with alcohol is highly fuzzy. Scientists have studied both alcohol and CBD oil, but done so separately and not combined. So they are not sure if these two should be allowed to mix.

CBD oil as a stimulant to improve moods

CBD oil has helped people who suffer from depression and anxiety as well as people who have sleep disorders. Nowadays it is not uncommon to find people who suffer from all three. Many of the people have tried conventional medicines and found it wanting. CBD oil works on the part of the nervous system that controls emotions. It increases the number of happy feeling chemicals present in the brain and as a result, the person is able to feel happier. Also, the oil helps improve the number of neurons present in the part of the brain that is most affected by depression. The increase in the number of neurons in this part of the brain acts as a way to counteract the effects of depression.

CBD oil and alcohol content beverages

At the moment the chances of mixing CBD oil with wine is highly impossible. This combination is opposed by not only scientists but also lawmakers. The lawmakers are not concerned about the quality of the product or how it would feel in the mouth. They are more worried about how a person will act when both drunk and high.

Dr. Bomi Joseph is in agreement with them. He feels that both alcohol and marijuana have adverse effects on the brain. In his opinion, one should not mix the two.

That means until the science allows one to mix wine with CBD oil is found the chances of companies mixing alcohol and CBD oil is not possible. However, does not mean there is no hope. Harvard Medical School’s Dr. Scott Lukas has conducted a study that shows smoking Cannabis first tends to reduce the amount of alcohol consumed. But on the other hand, he has also found that drinking first tends to increase the amount of THC absorbed. Thus, it would be a challenge to study the effects of cannabis-infused alcohol drinks.

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