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CBD oil producer’s debate on CBD oil Miracle Cure

CBD Producers Debate about Cannabis LegalizationEveryone is talking about the very hot topic, CBD oil producers debate which was participated by the industry-leading CBD oil producers Wernard Bruining, Rick Simpson and Suver Nuver. This debate was recorded and published by the most popular YouTube channel “Cannabis News Network”. This debate is mainly focused on “CBD Oil: Miracle Cure?”, In this debate, the producers explain the benefits of CBD oil as they want to legalize the cannabis oil for medical benefits. This complete argument was between the Cannabis News Network manager Steven Kompier and the 3 producers Wernard, Rick and Suver.

The three producers were explaining their real-time experience, working mechanism, side effects and why they want to legalize this cannabis oil for its miraculous medical cure to the audience and Steven. After uploading this video on YouTube, people started to agree with the legalization and its medical benefits in the comment section.

Producers justification for CBD Oil

Eileen Konieczny’s view on the debate follows,
Though they were talking random stuff about CBD oil, it is shown that their main aim is

“By making CBD oil legal, they can treat more people in a healthier way at low cost”

First, let’s start with Rick Simpson, in 1997 he got a head injury. Doctors and pharmaceutical medicine could not help at the same time he got affected by the post-concussion syndrome. Somehow, he heard about the CBD oil and he wanted to use it but the doctors told that cannabis oil is still under the study so they can’t approve it. In 1999, due to a severe condition, he was affected by scary suicidal thoughts.

At the year 2000, doctors told him again that they can’t help him anymore. After that, he started taking CBD oil on his own risk and there is nothing he could do about it. Luckily, he saw a great improvement in his health condition. Following this miracle cure for his disorder, Rick started his own CBD oil company which is very popular these days, it is called “Rick Simpson CBD Oil Company”.

With his own CBD oil product, he helped people more than 7000 to deal with various problems like arthritis, insomnia, pain, cancer, and AIDS too. So, if the law approves the use of CBD oil for medical treatments, he could help more people at low cost by doing which he can help many people free from several killing drug companies.

And Wernard Bruining said, he got to know about the CBD oil through a movie then he started making his own company “Stichting Mediwiet”. He mainly talked about making it legal because without the approval it is hard to create more awareness. Without a proper awareness, people are thinking that is a dangerous remedy and could not decide which CBD oil dosage is a suitable one. And he also commented that CBD oil works differently for different people. So, based on the proper research we can cure everyone in a proper way. So, by creating a proper awareness we can clear the above things and we can help more people.

Like these two people Suver Nuver also stated the same thing “By making CBD oil legal one, he can help more people”. He is just started making CBD oils in 2014 only. But now he is also a very big producer.

CBD oil used and its test reports by experts

Not like many people various experts including doctors, sportspersons, cops and attorneys also used CBD oil to get relief from various disorders such as insomnia, anxiety, pain, and arthritis. Like this day by day, the use of CBD oil is getting increased nowadays, people are started using some incurable disease like cancer and AIDS too. Medically these are not proved but there are many people still live after taking CBD oil for the above-mentioned diseases. Many doctors also agree to this and they also suggested to take CBD oil after some critical situation.

The side effects of using CBD oil

When this debate coming about side effects of CBD oil, Steven asked about it to Wernard but Rick grab the mike and said: “You have heard of side effects”. The side effects occur only in two scenarios.

The very first one is when people are taking the wrong dosage or overdose it. This is why we asked the government to legalize it. So that we can teach them about the proper dosage.

The second scenario is when people are using wrong or low-quality CBD oil. When the time CBD oil getting famous many fake people are started selling some low quality of it. If we used that kind of products surely you will get some side effects. And you know what will save us from these.

And apart from this CBD oil also have some few side effects only when compared to the killing drugs. That is very easy to recover from this, Rick said!

The conclusion of the debate

At the and as ween the producers are still saying the same to the anchor Steven. CBD oil is the medical cure for many diseases which those killing drugs can’t. But still many people are getting stuck with those drugs. Those big drug companies and big money involved in announcing CBD oil are legal in the USA. Because of only of this very big market. If we keep working on making it legalizing soon many people will get benefited from the CBD oil. Finally, Steven also hopes for the good about it and the debate was ended.

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