CBD oil vs Kratom – Which one is the best to treat pain

CBD oil vs Kratom – Which one is the best to treat pain

Kratom – does it seem new to you. It’s obvious that it would be for, the advancements in the medical field wiped off this natural remedy from South Asia. With unknown reason, Kratom never gained the spotlight as the Cannabis had. However, old tales tell us that it was in use as a medicine over a long period of time.

Nevertheless, the time has yet again started to prove to the world the benefits of this wonderful drug. This popularity was claimed, when opioids addicts found kratom to wipe off their addiction towards certain hefty drugs like heroin, and even towards medical prescriptions like morphine and fentanyl which are painkillers.
Comparing Kratom in line with Cannabis is what is needed right now. Actually, not generally cannabis but CBD in specific for there have been recent claims that state that kratom proves to show better results in alleviating chronic pain and is very efficient in Pain management.

Here we are to clear these claims with a deep understanding of both CBD and Kratom and do an analysis about each of this herb and its components which interact with the receptors of the human body in pain management. The light will be thrown not just on the positive but even on the drawbacks and risks involved in both CBD and Kratom.


DIMENSIONS OF PAINWhen we are discussing better means to treat pain, it becomes mandatory to know various dimensions of pain. Only then can we figure out the most efficient one for the specific issue.
On a broad scale, pain can be segmented into two classes, namely;-

  • Nociceptive and
  • Neuropathic

When experiencing “painful” situations it mostly is due to physical damage to the tissue system. For instance, when we have bone fractures or cut or burn ourselves, these pains are referred to as nociceptive pain. On the other, chronic pain arising due to damage, deterioration or dysfunction of neurons is said to be Neuropathic pain. The information about the pain is signaled to the receptors in the brain and central nervous system, even if there is no specific area that is damaged. This pain is commonly seen in serious ailments such as fibromyalgia, cancer, and multiple sclerosis.

CBD and Kratom: A comparative study

CBD and Kratom are known for alleviating pain, but how each one differs due to their molecular compounds and compositions. Also, their effect on the different type of pains does vary. In general, it is believed that nociceptive pain is cured well with Kratom and CBD works better for treating neuropathic and neurodegenerative conditions.


Cannabidiol, known as CBD, in short, is a compound extracted from Cannabis sativa L plant. Hemp and marijuana are two major strains of it. When you hear marijuana, it’s obvious that the association of psychoactive activities such getting high and drowsy occurs. But you must understand these triggering are because of the THC content but not CBD. There are things to check before buying CBD oil as it is difficult to understand the product before purchasing it.

Hemp relatively has more concentration of CBD, and a negligible amount of THC, than marijuana. A cannabis plant is regarded as hemp only when it accounts for 0.3 or even less amount of THC. The manufactures of CBD products such as oils, gummies, edibles, capsules, topical etc are made from industrial hemp plants, as they have cleared the legal grounds with their minimal involvement in psychoactive activities.

The CBD is able to show its effect in the human body, only because it can interact well and bring in desired effects through the receptors of our body. A human body has an endocannabinoid system (ECS), which simplifies these interactions of cannabinoids with the cannabinoid receptors in the body. The ECS exists in almost in all cell type, and thus demonstrate its long list of therapeutics remedies. With more and more studies being conducted it becomes evident that CBD is able to treat a variety of ailments ranging from simple acnes and chronic pain to anxiety, stress and depression and even big things like cancer, chronic arthritis, and seizures.


Hailing from southeast Asian countries like Thailand and Malaysia, is this all natural herb, very similar to cannabis, called the Kratom. It consists of compounds like mitragynine and 7-HMG (7-hydroxymitragynine) which are usually seen in opium poppy(morphine, codeine, and thebaine). Having much milder effects than of actual poppy plant, it is not regarded as an opiate.
The three popular strains of kratom are a red vein, green vein, and white vein. In short, the benefits of these three are :-

  • Red vein – Most potent, great sedative and very effective in general pain reliever
  • White vein – Helps to stay energetic, and boosts focus and creativity.
  • Green vein – An intermediate between both.

The kratom works with the natural opioid receptors present in the body to bring in its wonderful effects.Certain Kratom strains contains sufficient amount of alkaloids which are released into the body on consumption. As far as concerned, opting to the best kratom for sale will alleviate pain, these Kratom strains bursts higher energy levels and enhance the physical tolerance. 

CBD vs Kratom – pros and cons

Basically, Kratom bear a high risk of addiction and following which comes to the signs of withdrawal, when stopped after a regular dosage. This is said to be because of the interaction with the opioid receptors of the human body. This is a major setback when considered to CBD, which is clear on grounds of any sort of addiction and related risks.
However, kratom seem better when compared to other opioids such as morphine an active component of heroin. As the perils associated with Kratom addiction and withdrawal is much milder when compared to these other opioid agonists which is mostly life threatening. At the most kratom usage results in symptoms like nausea, sweating, loss of appetite, constipation, and severe fatigue/sedation).

Beside all these, many consider Kratom as a life saver, which helps them to substitute opium. Many addicts have found their way back to normal life with no much severe withdrawal symptoms when compared to heroin, codeine or many painkillers. And in this view, Kratom is regarded as more effective than CBD.

As mentioned before, in case you are a person suffering from nociceptive pain, from either car accident or a bone fracture, Kratom would be of immense help for you in relieving the pain caused, which if not would be treated traditionally with narcotic painkillers with its relative amount of side effects. On the other hand, CBD seems more effective to you in case of curing neuropathic pain, and for chronic neurodegenerative conditions like multiple sclerosis and fibromyalgia.


It’s entirely up to you to decide which is more effective for the kind of pain that you are suffering and the extend of side affects you are ready to bear will tell you which CBD or kratoms works better for you. it is definitely a subjective answer as per your requirements and body conditions. Just be cautious in having adequate knowledge about both, before deciding on. And most importantly do consult with you doctor to avoid any intense risk and side effects.

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