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Dangerous Chemicals in CBD products? Is it CBD product fault or Company’s Fault?

Dangerous Chemicals found in CBD productsNew research found out synthetic marijuana exists and OTC cough drug exists in vaping liquids,

According to a study made by Forensic Science International, One of the famous vendor’s CBD vape liquids is having a chemical which is actually used in emergency situations and even death cases.

It was found by Researchers from Virginia Commonwealth university, that Diamond CBD company’s products contains 5F-ADB. Drug Enforcement Agency tells that It can cause paranoia, panic attacks, high blood pressure & heart rate, internal organ damage and sometimes even death. 5F-ADB is the same compound present in illegal synthetic marijuana goods like K2,Spice etc

One of the products also contain Dextromethorphan which is actually a cough treatment medicine which can cause high if overdosed. It is frequently misused by teens.

Michelle Peace who is an Assistant Professor of Forensic Science Dept of Virginia Commonwealth Univ tells us that These recent findings has created a big question mark over rapidly growing CBD oil market. She also conveyed the huge no. of CBD products sold directly to consumers with claims on their health benefits. The findings we got from  Michelle and her team was actually from hemp based CBD.(Note that CBD can also be obtained from Marijuana)

Peace has also conveyed that the industry is now self-policing and she added that we don’t know how many are out there doing these kinda things, Without federal regulations guiding oversight and protections of common people, there is always a chance exists for misuse and risk to life of people. Note that her research options were limited for just few products from a company.

Diamond CBD company CEO Kevin Hagen has conveyed that the tested products were based on old ones and not belong with current CR and he added that As a result of these findings, From now all of their products go for 3rd party testing and also the older ones were subjected to retest to find whether they violated legal standards.

What the Study found?

Researchers from Virginia Common Wealth Univ has chosen Diamond CBD since one customer has conveyed them about unexpected side effects and also it creates high. So to find out the reason they purchased 7 different vape products from Diamond CBD which are actually mentioned as 100 percent natural CBD extracts. After they conducted tests on them, they found 5F-ADB is present in Liquid Gold Strawberry, Liquid Gold Jungle Juice and Diamond CBD Vape Addictive.

The DEA notes state that 5F-ADB was a substance prepared by secret chemists which produce the same effects of delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

Hence this is similar to marijuana and DEA already classified 5F-ADB as schedule 1 drug and it is illegal, addictive and of no medical use now

Ryan Vandrey PhD., an Associate Professor from Johns Hopkins Univ School of Medicine was not involved in the tests but he studied purity of many CBD products. He conveyed us that the other one Dextromethorphan(DMX) found in Diamond CBD Vape Addictive which was usually a cough medicine. But when DMX has overdosed it will get you abnormal heartbeat, sedation, and hallucinations.

As a Medical cannabis expert, Eileen Konieczny says that patients may be okay with depending on the chemical profile of Cannabis products in treating illness and symptoms. This is due to two main reasons.

    chemical profile of cannabis will allow physicians and patients to consistently use the same product, each time they need it
  1. Standardized cannabis medicines will allow insurance companies to cover for it. This makes CBD products as affordable one for most of the patients

While I was talking about her foresight on dangerous chemicals in CBD products, Eileen said that it is quite normal that several products have dangerous chemical substance as it is not approved and tested by FDA. So people take advantage of the delay in CBD oil regulations and approval and end up designing the product with a unique formula. And That makes sense! If there is standardization in manufacturing quality CBD oil products, the dangerous chemicals adulteration will become vanish.

Widely Available, But little Oversight

Liquid Gold Strawberry and Liquid Gold Jungle juice are just two among the CBD products widely sold in our nation. Other than vape oils CBD was sold in form of capsules, tinctures, candies, topicals, drinks and even foods. Most are available online and also at health and supplement stores in the USA.

With reference to the latest Consumer Reports, the national survey among 1003 adults, around 13 percent used CBD for their health issue and 90 percent of them confirmed it was helpful.

According to Brightfield group, a market research tells that CBD market has acquired $292 million in 2016 and it is expected to reach its peak in 2021 with a minimum of $2.15 billion. If hemp production and CBD were legalized by Farm Bill of Congress this year, the numbers mentioned will obviously go high.

One of Spokesperson from DEA has told us that the agency already warned the vendors about the lesser or more levels of CBD they found after testing CBD products sold at online.

Ryan Vandrey from John Hopkins says that these all things were caused by inconsistency in product quality stems, CBD s confusing Legal status and lack of national standards. Contamination in CBD products is serious issue occurred due to lack of regulation.Vandrey says that until this legal issues were completely resolves, consumers are on their own.

The Federal Govt would have declared CBD as illegal drug unless it was approved from FDA for one of the reasons. FDA approved Epidiolex, a CBD based drug this year to treat seizures in people.Somehow 47 states in US have allowed and legalized CBD and permitted medical marijuana.


So after seeing these recent findings and other researcher thoughts, it was clear that CBD does not caused the problems and it lies in vendors and manufacturing methods. CBD usage was completely at our own risk and we should be careful while using it. Reading product compositions , manufacturing methods and 3rd party test reports are must things before making purchase now. If you felt different at one day with new medicine, stop the dose and meet your physician with it. CBD is safe when we handle it in proper ways.

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