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Joy Smith says Cannabis is curing her Cancer!

Here is the “Joy Smith” official video for “This Morning” YouTube channel.

People with cancer might have undergone several medications. Those medications might have cause for some side effects or severe health illness. Joy Smith who have suffered from ovarian cancer and was diagnosed with the CBD oil. Though CBD oil has made several miracles in the medical field so that people nowadays are moving out to alternative medicines.

In her recent interview in “The Morning” YouTube channel, she just had a conversion and share about her diagnosis with the CBD oil with the spoke person. She just revealed that her cancer cells would have completely vanished when she used CBD oil as a medication in her course of treatment.

When her doctors found that she had ovarian cancer, she was supposed to remove the Ovary. After a week she was admitted to a hospital and had to remove the ovary through the operation. Doctors removed it and made her for the stoma.

She had also mentioned that she was supposed to spend six weeks to live after the doctor was discovered that the cancer was spread to stomach and bowel. So, she was admitted that she got sepsis with a lot of chemos.

After a while, her friends had researched with Rick Simpson who had used the CBD oil for the treatment of skin cancer. Then she came to known that CBD oil actually cures cancer and the THC present in the CBD oil could have the enormous capability to kill the cancer cells that are present in the body.

She also agrees that the THC compound in the CBD oil doesn’t make her high. In the initial stage, she took the medicine in the forms of capsules. She always wants to buy CBD oil from an online store where she can able to afford.

She also states that she used to take the CBD oil every night and she felt sleepy. It was also made her body to adapt for the chemo. Then for the second chemo scan check-up, she was astonished by the results.

The results show that the cancer cells are gone from her pelvis ovary, stomach bowel and there are few cancer cells left in her gastric stomach. After that, she uses to continue the CBD oil in a regular manner until for her next chemo. Because of its potential, the usage of Cannabis is not legalized in many of the countries. However, some countries know its potency over treating the various medical conditions.

But after taking the regular doses of Cannabis oil, which is legalized in the United Kingdom, she stated that her tumor cells have been completely disappeared.

In the same interview, her doctor has also stated that the CBD has the psychoactive substance that has the ability to cure many diseases including multiple sclerosis, anxiety and various pain relief management.

Now Joy sets back to normal life after she was diagnosed with the CBD oil. She is now living a happy life without any obstacles to her well-being.

So here we come to the conclusion that researchers have still examined whether how the CBD oil has the tendency to cure all kind of medical treatments. But the medical researchers could have given the assurance that the presence of the lower level of THC compound in the CBD oil doesn’t make you feel high. It is also essential to have doctor consultation before taking this CBD oil into your course of treatment.

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