Our Privacy Policy

privacy policyThe Privacy Policy of our Buy CBD oil website is prepared in a way that we reveal you how was the collected information is processed while you contact us. Accessing our website is free of cost and no charges involved for usage. For using website, We are not going to make you register your details in our website. You are more welcome to see and use our website at any point of time without the login or sign up and registration formalities.

Our website is user friendly and designed as safer and convenient to use, you can use and visit us whenever you want. We are confident and assure that we are not having any compromise in your privacy at all costs. Adding to that, To access and use our website, we would not ask any of your personal and any of your financial information.

You can click and follow any of the link which can redirect you to contact us page and from there you can send all the questions you wanted to ask regarding our website and its contents present there. Along with your question or message to us, you will be asked to enter your name and email address only. By using your email id we will look forward to reply your questions and no other purpose involved it. We assure you that we would not share your contact with any of the third party organizations. We entirely control our user database.

Your email addresses will be collected when you leave a message or ask a question at our mail box. The collected mail address will be used only for responding you back. We would not share your email contact to any type of marketing or advertisement related to the information posted in our website.

We will not collect any other information other than name and email address from the user who visits and spends time in our website. Hereby We also assure you that the information entered in our website is well protected and your privacy is well maintained.You are allowed to surf through our website at all the time.