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Last Updated: 29/01/2019 

The current privacy policy is effective from 29/01/2019

This site is not meant for medical reference and advice

1. Website’s information is not medical advice
The information and contents present in buycbdforhealth.com with images, graphs, tables, text and other material in Buycbdforhealth.com are only for educational and informational purposes. It is not given by a standard physician or other medical representatives. The content in this site is not done with any diagnosis or consultation basis. It is highly recommended to seek doctor advice before proceeding with any medications. We never encourage the person to take the given information as medical advice from Buycbdforhealth.com over physician.

If any medical emergency occurs, it is better to call 911 or contact any authorized physician. Buycbdforhealth.com does not promote or recommend any products, brands, procedures, tests or any other information. It is highly mentioned fact that Buycbdforhealth.com is not responsible for any information regarding medications and it is visitors sole responsible for accessing Buycbdforhealth.com.

2. Limitation of Warranties

The content available on Buycbdforhealth.com does not give any warranties or assurance to the information. Other agent related to this site or buycbdforhealth.com will not assure you any kind of guarantees to the product or brand provided on Buycbdforhealth.com. It should be understood that the information on Buycbdforhealth.com does not always remain constant. It is not always true and correct.

3. Doctor’s Advice

The information given in Buycbdforhealth.com is not based on the standard doctor’s advice. It does not give any medical advice regarding your health problems. It is always recommended to seek advice from a standard physician. If you are currently facing any health issues, please get advice from a certified doctor.

4. Access to this site

You should be 18 years or above 18 years to access this website. In case, you are below 18 years strictly you are not allowed to use this website for no reason. If you are already using Buycbdforhealth.com, you agree that you are above 18 years of age. According to COPA –  Child Online Privacy Act, this site offers information for educational purposes only for individuals who are 18 years and above.

5.Use of this site

You oblige to use this website only for educational purpose. You should not republish, copy and distribute the content published in Buycbdforhealth.com for business / commercial purpose as it is strictly prohibited. The blogs on Buycbdforhealth.com should not be referred on any of your personal websites without indicating the URL (https://buycbdforhealth.com/) as the source.


Buycbdforhealth.com may have links to any third party sites. The purpose of these external links is only for the convenience, by saying this, the owner or the Buycbdforhealth.com does not sponsor or endorse any content or product on their sites.

If you are going to access these third party links, then you can use their information at your own risk.

7.Third-party advertisement

Sometimes, this site may provide the space for advertisements or links from the third party which may direct you to purchase the products. Buycbdforhealth.com does not force any individual to purchase any products through those links. It is your responsibilities to look for those sites liability.

8. Legal Responsibility

We are not legally answerable for any of the information or content present on this website and it is not under any law.

9. Exceptions

It does provide some exception related to the content or information as it is liable in some cases,

  • Personally injured or die because of its carelessness.
  • Any wrongful or controversial terms in the site.
  • Any illegal content or unlawful images available in Buycbdforhealth.com.

10. Limitations of Liability

Buycbdforhealth.com and its owners, associates, representatives and other related members are not legally answerable for you regarding information or content present on the website.

  • The information available on the website is cost-free.
  • For any indirect loss.
  • The content in the site can be modified by an intruder without our knowledge and there may occur data loss.

11. Acceptation

By using this service of our site, you are agreeing to all the limitations and rules provided on this website.

12. Other Parties access

By using this service, you do agree that you will not claim anything against the information present on Buycbdforhealth.com and against officers or associates related to the websites for your losses.

13. Unenforceable provisions

If the information is found to be unenforceable, then it won’t affect the other provisions in Buycbdforhealth.com.

14. Affiliation

This site is an expert information and review sources that get free products and compensation from affiliates. The intention is to help the people by testing those affiliate products to offer honest reviews. This site is independently owned and the information and reviews given in this site are based on the owners/author’s view.

15.Contact information

You can contact by visiting the contact page



Statements on this website have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The information about the products discussed on this site does not intend to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease as per FDA.